Upcoming Grand Jury Appointment | Twin Towers

Upcoming Grand Jury Appointment | Twin Towers

December 6, 2018

This is great news, finally the Attorney for the Southern District of New York is going to cooperate by having a Grand Jury appointed.

For years there has been an ongoing investigation into what exactly brought down the Twin Towers and building 7. They are not refuting that there were planes involved, but they aren’t what brought the Twin Towers down.

This is not being covered by the mainstream media which is very disturbing since many of the victims families wanted another investigation, which is finally over and is leading to a Grand Jury.

You can read the full press release here which gives the response from Department of Justice Michael Ferrara and Ilan Graff, Chiefs, Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit.

I also would recommend listening to a [VIDEO] put out by WAM (Josh Sigurdson), where he is interviewing Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth as well as Barbara Honegger.

This is not old news, we now will have a Grand Jury to be appointed. They will look at the overwhelming evidence and this is an important update.

Featured photo courtesy of minnesota.publicradio.org

The Battle Cry | Senate

The Battle Cry | Senate

October 5, 2018


Take a walk with me back in time, remembering the horrible slaughter of innocent victims in Las Vegas. Many alternative news sources showed you something entirely different with their proof, that what we were being told was so different from what we heard and saw. Because of the technology that is available to us through smartphones in this day and age, proves beyond a shadow of doubt, not all of the facts were released to the public.

In the below link is a recording by Tall Ace Of Spades, you will hear a battle cry right before the shooting begins in Las Vegas. The mark is around 3:36.


I am bringing up Las Vegas only because there was a short video clip of someone being arrested inside the Senate Building during the protests of the supplemental FBI’s findings on their investigation. The sound is compared to an animal sound by Harlan Z Hill, a Republican Political Consultant seen on Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and Sky News.

Here is the link to the short video clip in Harlan’s tweet: https://www.real.video/5844929203001


Now, if there is any doubt that what I am saying is not fact, let’s bring you to another video where a Turkish man is showing his friend what the terrorist battle cry sounds like.

Link: https://youtu.be/Pp15J8yof2c

This brings me to how well assimilated the Muslims are in USA and European culture. The answer is they are not assimilating if they are radicalized. Europe is just beginning to realize that they don’t assimilate if they are radicalized. Their increased warnings of knife attacks are proof of this. USA is having a harder time comprehending facts because of confusion behind the Resistance Movement. Where do they fit into all of this? This movement is nothing more than a cult like formulation, headed by Linda Sarsour, a well known Muslim who wants to raise “jihad” against anything/anybody attached to President Trump, as reported by RealClear Politics.

Maybe to our younger people this movement seems cool to them. The Muslims and extreme left who push the radicalized Muslim Brotherhood draw on and hope for that perception, that it’s the new thing, the cool thing, have to be a part of it! It’s easy for young people who have been dumbed down through media’s comforting words of assimilation. There in lies our continuing problem….

How is the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) any different than the Resistance Movement here in the USA? They haven’t resulted in mass killings, as of yet. But, they are drawn to the radical left because they hate what America stands for, they have this in common.

Yet, we have protesters in our Senate building who are being arrested. They are getting closer to the physical presence of our Senators. This is a scary thought to me.

After the election in 2016, Hillary Clinton announced the “Resistance Movement” without going into what exactly this movement was. Not long after that President Trump announced to the media, “A Storms Coming.”

Folks, we are in a revolution between good and evil. If you ever wondered what the outcome of this revolution will be…just a reminder, Arthur A Thompson who wrote the book “To The Victor Goes The Myth and Monuments,” tells us the elites know years ahead of us. Why? Because they planned it.

During the Kavanaugh fight to have the Senate move for cloture voting, A democratic staffer, Jackson A. Cosko, 27 was arrested for doxing three Senators. What this means for those who might not know, their addresses and other secret information about them was made public. Whether or not this was done to harass them, scare them, as Maxine Waters has screamed from her pulpit where groups who support her were getting charged, or something much worse was planned, who knows. Glad that he was reported and arrested. This is getting out of hand!


There was recently an urgent, powerful alert that came from Steve Quayle that was republished in allnewspipeline.com which is extremely disturbing since planning of assassinations were being discussed on Twitter, right out in the open like radical islamists use to do when recruiting and pushing a radical ideology.

If your not convinced that there really are people planning assassinations after this, including most likely our beloved President, I don’t know what more I can say.

These are not only winning times for Republicans that could come at an awful price, they are also hard, scary times we are living in. Pray for our President, Senators, Congressmen/women and our Supreme Court Justices.

Thank God we have our great Secret Service, Capitol Police and FBI who risk their lives everyday to keep them safe.

Why Democrats Want Open Borders | Continued Child Trafficking

August 9, 2018

I often ask myself why the Democrats want continued open borders. Well, there are two reasons; one is continued child trafficking and the other reason is continued big money making drug trafficking.

When we talk about child trafficking you can’t help but connect the dots on information that is already available to us. One such dot to connect are the cults that we know exist today. This conversation is obviously a conversation that is not what Twitter would deem as “healthy conversation.” Why? It’s a subject that they want to stay hidden, not for public consumption. In other words they don’t want the sheep to discover #pizzagate #pedophillia, that it’s real and alive today.

Liz Crokin is one of many people leading us to the awakening that this does exists and must be stopped. Main Stream Media says it does not exist, wow, that’s one of the biggest lies that they have ever told!

Liz is right when she says that “Democrats don’t want the wall, they need to continue to traffic kids.”

Scary thought isn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather know if our government is involved in something so horrendous that multitudes would want it stopped if they found out?

Ted Gunderson who was a Special Agent in the FBI blew the whistle on the cult and sadly people tried to smear him.

In the 1960’s a cult was uncovered and exposed. It’s called the Finders Cult. Inside this occult children were being exploited, sacrificed around the world….this is the darkest part of sick and evil people you could ever imagine. This is happened to our children and it still exists today.

This organized cult is still operating today because all investigations by the FBI, US Customs and local law enforcement were ordered stopped by the US Department of Justice on the grounds of “national security.” The case was turned over to the US Central Intelligence Agency as an internal security matter.

I know what you are thinking when you read internal security matter, I too was upset!

Excerpt from “CIA Finders File:”

1.A case of obvious child negiect/abuse involving child pedophile sexual

abuse^child pornography/Satanic cult ritualistic abuse wherein the

perpetrators were caught directly in the act by law enforcement, arrested on

the basis of irrefutable evidence at the scene, and faced serious charges

which typically bring sentences of decades in prison.

2.Search warrants were obtained for the “Finders” cult office in Washington,

DC and a complete search was enacted by law enforcement which provided

irrefutable pictures, movies and documents of such abuseMeglect evidence

and access to the confidential arrest reports on the “Finders”

cult from the arrests in Tallahassee which occurred only a day earlier

/(| (suggesting very high level connections to US intelligence in and of itself.)

Ij 3.AII Investigation of the “Finders’* cult by the FBI, US Customs and local law

;’ ‘ enforcement was ordered stopped by the US Justice Department on the

grounds of “national security” and the matter of the “Finders” cult was turned

over to the Central Intelligence Agency as an “internal security matter,”

since the “Finders” is and has been a domestic and international covert

operation of the Central intelligence Agency.

1 4.Any and all investigation of the “Finders” was immediately stopped, all

evidence was suppressed and denied, and the abused children were released

back to the adult perpetrators who had been arrested “in the act” and the CIA

resumed Its ongoing covert operation of the “Finders” cult which Is used to

procure and produce.

The story of the Finders cult is the story of the development of cbtldJassets to

be used to entrap politicians, diplomats; corporate and law enforcement

officials; to sell child/victims to wealthy perverts to raise money for covert

operations, to train some of the child/victims to be professional operatives

and assassins of a totally coid, multiple personality, mind control nature.

To date only on« media outlet has dared publish anything about this (US


tn the last few years there have been more “smoking guns” proving that US

intelligence agencies traffic in children, sell them and abuse them. Some of

these covert operations have been tied to long term and massive importation,

and distribution of narcotics into the US by the same NnteMgence agencies.


Twitter Shadow-Banning Conservatives

July 27, 2018

Since I am shadow-banned on Twitter big time and cannot seem to get any of my tweets seen, I will be posting important information here. Please bookmark and check back frequently, thanks.

I wanted to share a PETITION 📝 with my followers about removing the QFD filter on Twitter. Please sign

What is the QFD Filter? Twitter calls it “conversational health work,” in reality it is a way to keep the conversation on Twitter concentrated on liberal views, period. Why? Because we have a very important vote coming up in November which could sway the political landscape. That’s why you will see #RedWaveRising on Twitter. We need more Republicans voted in that will help our President Keep America Great👍🏼 with his policies.

When you have mainstream media and liberal news outlets reporting that Twitter is indeed shadow-banning conservative accounts, you know we have a problem. This is not how a democracy works!

Continue to stay strong, keep tweeting on Twitter no matter what, in fact tweet more! We are still strong, the message was delivered in 2016, Twitter can not stop us, it’s to late for them to silence millions of Americans!


Not only are conservatives on Twitter being affected, our blog posts are being affected, big time! Take a look at mine!

BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2017 and 2018, that’s due to Google censorship!

On a good note for our President and country, it was reported today by Bloomberg that the U.S. Growth Hits 4.1%, fastest growth since 2014. He sure must be doing something right. Just wait until he gets involved with the Federal Reserve, it’s coming, make no mistake!

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno | Visit to London | Where Is Julian Assange?

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno | Visit to London | Where Is Julian Assange?

July 25, 2018

Many news outlets are reporting that Julian Assange will soon be handed over to the UK due to Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno withdrawing Assange’s asylum.

Moreno is to be in London on Friday according to the theintercept.com news article. He will be speaking at the 2018 Global Disability Summit.

The Intercept states that his real purpose for being in the UK is to finalize the withdrawal of Julian Assange’s asylum. He would then be handed over to the British authorities on a previous charge in 2012, where he failed to surrender under an arrest warrant.

Julian has always had the ability to leave the embassy of his own accord and most likely would never have asked for asylum in 2012 if he wasn’t facing extradition to Sweden on rape accusations. In 2015 it was reported by thehill.com that the rape charges had been dropped by Sweden. Later on in 2016 an appeals court in Sweden upheld the rape accusations according to nbcnews.com. Assange has always maintained that extradition to Sweden would lead to extradition to the USA for publishing US secret classified documents on the internet.

All of the recent revelations leave Assange in a very precarious position. I don’t believe for one minute that Julian is going to surrender to the UK. His only chance would be to flee from prosecution.

It was recently reported by RT that furniture was already being removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy and being placed in a white van. They note that this coincides with revoking Assange’s asylum.

If you click on the RT link it will take you to a video showing a couch being removed from the embassy. What is strange is the person helping to move the couch into the van has a uncanny resemblance to Julian. I have blown up the picture from the video which shows a face that could be Julian.

patriots4truth.org (American Intelligence Media) has also reported on the possibility of Assange already leaving the embassy. They have a Julian hand comparison in the article which is worth looking at to help decide whether or not it could be Julian. Click on the above link and decide for yourself.

I do know one thing for certain, tweets on Twitter covering this information are being shadow-banned. Mine most definitely was banned and replies are not being shown, not to me or anyone else.

Featured Image Courtesy of telesurtv.net

Bikers Headed for Showdown With Mueller

Bikers Headed for Showdown With Mueller

May 4, 2018

Seems to be 1000s of bikers headed to Washington, D.C. to demand Robert Mueller shut down the hoax/fake Russian Investigation.


US, UK, France Strikes Chemical Weapon Manufacturing | Syria Analysis

US, UK, France Strikes Chemical Weapon Manufacturing | Syria Analysis

April 14, 2018

On the evening of April, 13, 2018 the President of the USA authorized strikes on the Assad regimes chemical weapons factories in Syria along with its allies, France and the UK.

This military mission was carried out after we had confidently assessed evidence that the the Assad regime had been behind the horrible gassing of his own Syrian citizens. Apparently Assad didn’t get the message we sent last year by bombing airfields where the chemical weapons were launched upon his own citizens.

General Mattis, speaking from the Pentagon explains why we launched a military strike (one time strike) on these installations of the Assad regime, thereby crippling their ability to use chemical weapons on their own citizens.

According to Fox News, the targets were identified by Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, targets included Barzah Research and Development, the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site and the Him Shinshar Bunker Facility. The mission has been hailed as a success.

It’s important to know why we took this military action, as our POTUS and UK Prime Minister explains:

The Russian Ambassador weighed in on the military action:

People weighed in on Twitter claiming that the President was not authorized to attack unless it was authorized under Congress, mirroring what was claimed last year around the same time 4/2017. Many people jumped to defend our President’s actions under the Constitutions Article II. General Mattis quickly reiterated:

The White House released a statement on the Syrian Chemical Weapons attack:

White House, Office of the Press Secretary releases an assessment of the Assad’s Chemical Weapons use via CNBC: It states that this is reliable information which indicates coordinated Syrian military before the chemical attacks among other sources; You can read the White House assessment HERE.

After the attack on the three installations there was talk that this military action would be the start of World War 3. I don’t think it will be, because if you remember during the chemical attacks of April, 2017 in the town of Khan Sheikhoun where there were more than 90 people killed as a result of nerve gas being used; President Trump authorized air strikes against the Assad regime at the same time Chinese leader Xi Jinping was dining at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

This was the same night that his national security aides convened before the dinner, referred to as “the decision meeting” on the strikes. The Chinese leader was informed at the time about the strikes targeting Al Shayrat airfield. President Trump has a friendship and a country working relationship with the Chinese leader.

Even after the trade fears China and USA still remain as friends because of “flexibility.”

So, where does this leave Russia with its relationship to China?

Russia also has a good relationship with China. They both have a lot in common such as an authoritarian type of government.

After the Chinese leader left the USA, New York Times wrote an article in which they claimed Xinhua, the states news agency called the strike the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles. Really?? Personally I don’t think they said this at all. Where’s the article?

Just to show you what Xinhua’s articles are like, I give you an article written after the recent strikes by USA, UK, and France where they only list facts not opinion:

Xinhua Headlines: U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria sans UN authorization, backed by allies, condemned by others

China knows this was not an act of war as certain chemical facilities were targeted not military. China does reiterate in another article that concerned parties should resolve their disputes through dialogue at the UN. But, if you remember Russia kept vetoing resolutions for chemical investigations in Syria.

Since the attacks from the US and its allies there has been nothing but disinformation and spinning from Russian news media. China knows the facts! So, rest assured this isn’t going to start a world war.

Before the strikes the USA was preparing to pull out of Syria. I still believe we will pull out. We were only continuing in Syria to end ISIS. This was President Trump’s campaign promise which has been met. We are

done✅. Hopefully we will be pulling out soon.

Finally, people are saying that the results of the supposed gas attacks back in 2017 in Syria were never concluded. Well, hate to break this to you, yes there were results. Excerpt from the OPCW Investigation:

Public Translation, Packed With Information

April 9, 2018

Tweets on Twitter are hard to follow when you don’t have the translation laid out in front of you. I had a request to translate a tweet thread of @drSAlsadoun’s. I am posting the translation here in my blog for all who likewise are interested in what he has to communicate in English speaking communities.

The thread was a long one and very informative. It is of the utmost importance that we understand where and when ISIS, also known as ISIL was formed. He explains all of this to us in this thread, and much, much more.

I will link his first tweet of the thread if you care to retweet, like and follow him. I would recommend following him since his tweets are enlightening and informative. Here we go…

TRANSLATION OF @drSAlsadoun’s TWEET DATED 4/8/2018

-1. In this series, ISIL will talk about its thinking, its orientations, who supports it?

When was it founded? And what are their objectives?

ISIS abbreviation for the name of the Islamic State which is the product of a deep thought of the communist Obama and followed by Hillary Clinton and the creator of the Zionist Dennis Ross who was appointed by Hillary and Obama first in 2009 responsible for the management of the Gulf file

-2. The main objective of Dennis Ross was when the dossier was received with full powers by Obama and Hillary is the overthrow of the monarchy in the Gulf.

and help Iran to cooperate with Turkey, America and the west to restore the clock of history until 600 days before the time of the domination of the Arabs by the Byzantine and Persian Arab states.

-3. All of them were: Obama…


Dennis Ross…



Ali Larijani.

They make a team at one table wanting to eat from the Arab table, but the Arabian cake is so delicious that each one of them wants the greatest amount and share of the cake..

They met and they thought the Arabs were moaning, and they brought knives to cut it.

-4. The general agreement between the Ambassador of Iran and the representative of Khamenei in Iraq, Dennis Ross, the representative of Obama, Hillary and the World Zionist, who are holding talks in Baghdad in the sponsorship of the Iraqi government occupied by Iran, was as follows: a) to restore the clock of history to 600 m.

b) Formulation of a general, specific and precise agreement on the projection

-5. Arab regimes and the establishment of the Turkish and Iranian occupation in the Arab countries;

Erdogan and Turkey are heir to the Byzantine state, so that Turkey will occupy all the property that was under the colonization of Byzantium in the year 600.

Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Hijaz from Saudi Arabia, Tabuk, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Tangier

-6. Tanger and his sepah from Morocco, so that Morocco will have a special status under the administrative administration of France and hand over power to the Nonselmin brothers.

But will not be subject to Turkey.

It was agreed that the broad Arab region to be occupied by Turkey would be named “The Islamic Crescent”, which noted the Islamic political crescent led by Erdogan and the Brotherhood.

-7. It is not the crescent of Muslims, we are Muslims and they are Muslim, we are peaceful and we love peace and Islamists love Terror, murder, blood, adultery, rape, and the marriage of jihad.

We have agreed to call it what will happen under the colonization of Iranian terrorism by the Islamic Shiite crescent of the Arab race.

It includes Iraq, Kuwait and east

-8- Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE to Yemen, with a special status for the state of Oman that is similar to that of Morocco, is not subject to the overthrow of the government. Omani but Oman signs a colonial treaty in its lower limits so that the Omani army is under the orders of Khamenei and the Omani geography becomes a conduit for the movement of soldiers

And the weapon to Yemen for a war

-9. The Saudi War of the South as its war after the occupation of Bahrain from the east is as fancy.

As well as three Iranian bases in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan.

Qatar, Hamad bin Jassem, is here to introduce a unified Arab emirate after isolating the Emir of Qatar, which includes the Arabian Gulf Coast, east, west and north, as its president.

-10. Who ruined the entire plan and introduced it into the death of Sheikh al-Sharthi, Hasan Nasr al-Lat, when he suggested to Khamenei that Lebanon not leave Turkey, and that it is possible to establish two Hilal Shiites from the north to the south (Tehran-Baghdad-Sana’a) and from east to west (Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut) and here the Western talks are divided of Iran to

-11. To the two sections of the department, in the absurd talks between Larijani Iran (and 5 + 1) and a section between the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad and Dennis Ross, they are talking about the secret protocol to the nuclear agreement.

Which is being unleashed by Iran in the Arab countries for its occupation.

Dalal Khamenei and the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad were good luck for the Arabs

-12. Iran has opened up its appetite to the fullest extent of Iranian colonization of the Middle East 3,000 years ago.

The talks were delayed from 2009 to 2014, when Obama and Hillary underwent all Iran’s conditions.

The nuclear agreement was signed and Iran’s fractional lives with pride and arrogance as a habit of the Persians when they get cocky.

-13. Turkey was like a beggar at the nations table waiting for Britain, France and America to be received by the Arab countries one after another to steal the Arab money as they stole it over 500 years ago.

Erdogan, therefore, was humiliated about his psychological illness with frequent speeches, reviews and threats here and there.

-14. Before we proceed to the establishment of ISIL, we must talk about the background of the terms of the nuclear agreement to its secret protocol.

Obama: A man of hypocrite horizons.. From August Shia and the family of the brothers. He claimed to embrace Christianity as a kaafir, a hardcore Communist atheist who does not believe in the existence of a hypocritical machine that ostensibly reverses everything he believes in.

His father’s background +

-15. The background of his Shiite father made him envious of Saudi Arabia wanting to divide it.

And the background of the Kenyan brothers made him want to drop them more.

* Hillary Clinton: Not ruled out with a TV presenter who claimed she was not human and was transformed into a parking garage in Los Angeles.

And whether she’s joking or serious, she’s in any way a demon.

-16. She came to Saudi Arabia to contrive with the mother of her secretary, Homa Abdeen, an Indian resident of Saudi Arabia, and a group of women involved in the conspiracy. Homa Abdeen and her mother were Saleh Abdeen, who claimed that they were Saudi and Saudi Arabia rejected them because they were not Saudis at all.

Hillary was working to overthrow the +

-17. The Saudi Arabian government and the Gulf states through two ways: a) Dennis Ross talks with the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.

b) through clandestine shuttle visits to Iran.

Even God wanted to scandal her with those shuttle visits when she and Obama were declaring war declarations against Iran, while the best American pilot at the base of many was expensive +

-18. Under the command of a plane carrying Hillary each time to Tehran from Qatar–many.

He appears to be in a state of frustration, as the statements criminalizing Iran do not prevent him from seeing with his own mother Hillary as he embraces the Iranians under his aircraft. On their last visit to Tehran more than a month before they left the office of the Foreign Ministry, the pilot decided to

-19. The special pilot has decided to commit suicide because he can no longer endure the political hypocrisy that he hears and sees.

He was flown in a ravine. Hillary or seven lives came out of the accident with a concussion.

The hospital was hospitalized and taken prior to Obama’s inauguration as president for his second term.

That she is harassing the Arabs specially and care about Iran and

-20. The Muslim Brotherhood that they espouse and support their revolutions.

* Dennis Ross = Netanyahu which means an infinite grudge against Arabs.

* Khamenei: A Persian believer in the Antichrist made a cut in the left-hand to paralyze her as a sacrificial offering. He is envious of Islam and Muslims hani that he is close to the world with his hatred for Arabs. Being a peaceful subject of Islam.

-21. Erdogan: From a Georgian Jewish family.

Of the Dommah Jews who migrated from Spain, who were persecuting them and formally handing over control of Turkey.

He entered the Hezb-i-Islami to destroy the Arabs and Islam, with the religion of Hassan al-Banna, a Moroccan Jew.

He is hostile to the Arabs and he is plotting to seize their countries and their riches.

-22. Ali Larijani of a magianizing family of political Islam, a book of 50 years since the Khomeini revolution and his hardcore racist brother the mother of the villages was called to occupy Saudi Arabia and destroy Mecca and Medina and to transfer hajj to Iran, and I think they now built their Kaaba to achieve a plan The Magusi Larijani.

-23. We come to the establishment of the Muslim Islamic State (ISIL), the enemy of Islam.

During the numerous dialogues between Dennis Ross and Iranian Ambassador Nuri al-Maliki, which belongs to the Jews of Bani Qarqa, who betrayed the messenger of Allah Muhammad and reversed the peace treaty with him.

There was the idea of establishing ISIL in the last two or three weeks of

-24. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmadinejad Hani, was the leader of a Jewish terrorist who took part in the detention of the American hostages immediately two weeks before he left for the presidential palace to visit Baghdad and met with Maliki and agreed to establish the Islamic State where they chose an Iranian president Abu Bakr Baghdadi

-25. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, not current, and the plan required that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction invade Iraqi jails and hit their surroundings at the time when the intelligence officers are imprisoned between joining the twelve or the death of the attack, nine thousand Iraqi prisoners of all nationalities, especially the rule of joining the twelve

They were taken out of prison.

-26. ISIS has thus been established and has begun to actively discuss the objectives, role and policies of ISIL and its supporting states.

Here it became its main base in Hamedan.

It developed its attack on Mosul as its political capital, and replaced Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with the last Israeli who is their current unlucky successor

-27. In order to understand the states supporting ISIL: a) Obama announced that the Islamic Caliphate was coming soon.

(b) Iran has placed its secret and military command of ISIL in Hamedan.

(c) Israel appointed the president of ISIL as a conscript from its Israeli citizens to become the successor of the Islamists.

Turkey has pledged to buy oil and the Arab al-Qaeda assistant to engage

-28. Joining Isil.

(d) America has undertaken training, funds and armament.

Iraq was granted facilities to seize oil wells and to grant them part of Iraqi territory, and to enable them to occupy military bases with their weapons holdings.

If the countries that care for Isil and contributed by the founding of America Abuama, Hilary and Dennis Ross, Iraq +

-29. Iraq: The days of Maliki, Iran-Ahmadinejad and later, with the great support of Khamenei and the great Iranian terrorist Qasim Soleimani.

-Turkey Erdogan.


Its objectives.

-Implementation of the confidential Protocol to the Nuclear agreement Convention (Iran and 5 + 1).

-Defamation of Islam to prevent the sane west from being considered a theory and a religion of pain

-30. The future is global after the fall of Socialism and Communism in 1990 and the Fall of capitalism theory after the economic meltdown of 2008 in that global crisis.

ISIL has to distort the high-quality theory of Islam into a quasi-savage and immoral ideology.

The occupation of the oil wells of Iraq and Syria to reduce the exchange support for regulation

-31. To alter the idea of the religion of compassion and peace that Muslims believe, to the religion of eating hearts, livers and beheading.

Of course, Muslims are forbidden to eat donkeys, pigs and other beasts.

His fate makes the fire of anyone who has killed a human being without any guilt or crime.

Here we go to religion Isil, to which religion follows?

-32. There are a lot of organizations that believe in cutting off the heads with the bulk: the Parthusian religion and the Persians had a fractional fun in the Arabs every day he gets arrested in Arabic, cut off his hands and then his legs while he laughs, and then they cut off his head. This is how the Persian leader killed more than 1,000 Arabs throughout his reign every day.

-33. Abu Musallam al-Kharwani also killed the time of the Abbasid Revolution 750 m more than 600,000 Arabs in genocide.

The French also killed one million and a half Algerian and, as is known, how the Spaniards did to Muslim Arabs from a great murder, many of them fled to Latin America and forgot that they were Arabs and that their ancestors were Arabs.

-34. It is certain who wants to know how Blackwater or the black waters that are considered to be remnants of the Crusades as the Knights of Malta and the Servants of the temple, must know the massacres carried out by the Crusaders at the time of their entry to Jerusalem in 1099 and how did Salah al-Din do with them when he recovered Jerusalem this is the difference between black water and the guard. For a revolutionary

-35. The rule is the product of an Iranian Baha’i and Jewish ideology by Hassan al-Banna.

It between the true Islam represented by the peaceful Muslims, the abdeen of God, and those who love peace with other peoples.

-36. The biggest fraud came from the international group supporting ISIL when they said that Isis thought and Wahhabi was Saudi.

Isil thought Iran’s ultra-Orthodox and Biblical Orthodox crusader of the Israeli Torah Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

One third of the ISIL black water forces between 15,000 and 20,000, according to a withdrawal, a new extended and an Iranian Revolutionary Guard

37. They are followed by the popular crowd and Shiite militias to the terrorist groups.

One third of the Arab Islamists and the security of all countries of Islam who are Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

There are no Saudis among them but the Muslim Brotherhood and their crime belongs to the brothers Party and not to Saudi Arabia.

So the Crown Prince Muhammad asked

-38. Mohammed bin Salman Al-Aboul who wants to blame Saudi Arabia and the prince said I dont know wahabism do you know the Wahhabi

You’re the anchor.

My loved ones go back to the Wahhabi historical Encyclopahabism is a band of outsiders just like the Muslim Brotherhood originated in Algiers in 1995H/815 founded by Abdelwahab Rastam.

-39. They noted the lie and falsification. Usually, Jesus was named after his Christian name, and Islam wrongly qualifies as a Mohammedan as a relative to the first name of the Messenger of God as is the name of Christ and we do not agree with these designations other than that we want to get to the truth the Abdulalhap rustle is Persian he wanted to fake Islam so he named his religion as Wahhabi The first was not

-40. The capital was not said.

Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab had come up with a new religion or doctrine to say the mohammedism.

It is the first name of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab.

Why are they trying to falsify the truth?

They said Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab is outside.

If they search for a band they found Wahhabism 900 years ago from Muhammad’s birth, they wanted to drop the name on him.

-41. The people make sure that the Saudis have been outside as the Wahhabi in Algeria for 1100 years.

Thus, the Saudis give in to their intellectual destruction, then criminalize them by media, then their war, and then politically overthrow them.

It’s a big conspiracy to look at the world. We the peaceful Saudis have become scapegoats for terrorism that we have fought for centuries.

What Happened To Stephen Hawking?

March 20, 2018

Remember when Hillary Clinton was talking about becoming President on a different planet (Earth 2)? People thought she was crazy, unless you are someone that believes in aliens and a parallel universe. Could it be that the elite were working on escaping corruption indictments and worse, knowing it was only a matter of time until indictments are handed down by Mueller and the DOJ? At this point I wouldn’t discount anything they would do!

Think about it, if you made a wrong decision in your life and there was a parallel universe you could go to that would let you relive that moment and change the outcome. It’s not that far fetched, as we know The CIA was experimenting on people, moving them forward or back in time right here on earth using Tesla based quantum physics (CERN).

In a recent article that Benjamin Fulford wrote called The world is about to find out just how horrific the Khazarian mafia’s crimes were. In drawing a conclusion from his article, that people who were possibly facing indictments were “trying to get off the plant” only to find that the CERN portal was destroyed. This was confirmed by his CIA source, saying: “The earth is on lockdown—no leaving and no entering.

Enter….Stephen Hawking…

Stephen Hawking was working on a research paper “A Smooth Exit From External Inflation,” according to space.com, which was submitted in revised form on March 4, 2018, he passed away on March 14, 2018. According to ABC News, his family did not disclose his cause of death in a statement but claimed he “died peacefully.” There have been no updates as far as I know about the cause of his death.

According to allnewspipeline.com, back in March of 2015 Hawking warned that the reactivation in March of CERN’s large hadron collider could pose grave dangers to our planet… So, could his death have been attributed to the shutdown of CERN and concerns of re-activating it, in effect leaving no way to get off the planet?

Excerpt from “By Live Free or Die – All News Pipeline”

This could be considered as conspiracy, but without questioning events that coincide we will never get to the truth.

The White Hats Are In Full Control | Cabal Being Dethroned

March 20, 2018

From top to bottom the Cabal pyramid is collapsing, corruption is being reigned in world wide. We watched it begin November, 2017 in Saudi Arabia with the arrests/detentions of political and business elites. After months in detention where 200 were kept in detention at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, many were released in January, 2018 upon reaching large payment settlements. Some who did not pay a settlement will stand trial.

Those of us who have been following the QAnon posts where Dr. Jerome Corsi worked with the 8Chan moderators to help decode Q’s posts have watched over a series of months the fall of the Cabal (Deep State).

The Anons have carefully followed the news to coincide with Q’s posts and it is paying off in a big way. We have seen many politicians resign all of a sudden. We have watched pedophile and sex trafficking rings be rounded up worldwide.

We have witnessed top FBI bosses Andrew McCabe , James Comey and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson be terminated. We watched, starting in 2017 several Congress and Senate members either step down, retire, or not seek re-election. It seems to be proof that the swamp is being drained and law and order once again has meaning.

Dethroning the Cabal seems to be a coordinated event, in my opinion, between Saudi Arabia and the United States. President Trump has met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia many times since becoming President of the United States, most recently on March 20, 2018.

We are not always privy to what is discussed in the meetings with the Crown Prince, but I feel that there will be peace in the Middle East soon as evidenced in a tweet posted from @drsAlsadoun in which he states: “President Trump, with King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, may be able to establish peace in the world and in our Arab region in particular. There is great optimism.”

It is most interesting that comments posted on Twitter from Saudi Arabia seems to coincide with some of what QAnon has posted on 8Chan. The morning of March 19, 2018 there were particular tweets that peaked my interest. Upon translating them I found correlations between what Q has been telling us through his crumb drops, seemingly mirroring what was in these tweets. To me this is definitive proof that Q is not a lark. We are living in a great time that will mark a great turning point in history. God willing, PEACE! For if we can completely rid ourselves of the warmongering Deep State the world will have a much better chance achieving peace and prosperity among men.

You can follow the particular thread I am referring to on Twitter from @drSAlsadoun starting with his tweet here where he is talking about Saudi Arabia’s relationship with our President and how important our relationships are:

“1. When we talk about President Trump, because he became an important part of America’s security and the security of the Arabian Gulf countries for his love of friendship and the exchange of economic interests and peace so we care about him, because any defect in America will be reflected in the world, we are lovers of world peace. Tourism, exchange of interests and enjoyment of life accordance”….

Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

Another Intel Source | Congressional Candidate At That!

January 31, 2018

Becoming aware on Twitter that besides Q Anonymous, and many other intelligence sources to follow, the newest one for me is Brenden Dilley. He is also on Twitter and you can follow him @Hublife where he also gives Intel over Periscope.

Why do we rely on these anonymous intelligence sources? The MSM will not give us the true facts. Their facts are whitewashed and politically left leaning to say the least. MSM has to protect those that most likely pay them off to report only what they want reported. We are waiting for some signs that the corrupted politicians are or will be taken down, the Intel gives us hope, then we see it actually happening.

From what I have read on Twitter Tilley’s Intel source seems to be incredibly on point and accurate. He has been receiving Intel from his source since November 1, 2017. He must of sat on the intelligence for awhile in order to make sure it was accurate.

People have dropped “quotes,” such as one from Rep Eliza Turing:

His sources’s information seems to align closely with Q Anonymous on 8Chan.

The most recent Intel that Tilley’s source has informed him about has to do with who actually won the popular vote in the Presidential race of 2016.

We were all told by the MSM that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote. Well, it seems that the information we received from MSM was a bit biased because the NSA went through the data.

The Intel source informed Tilley that Trump received 70,125,263 and Clinton received 57,177,958. That’s not all the NSA found, she received 7 million from machine fraud!

There is a thread on pastebin that you can follow HERE. A synopsis of postings from Tilley’s Periscope videos from now on will be posted to this thread in case you aren’t on Twitter or you can’t keep up with his videos. You need to be on Twitter to use Periscope.

Besides helping to get the truth out to all patriots, he has been a very busy man since he is preparing to run for Congress in 2018 for the state of Arizona.

If you are a big President Trump fan who lives in Arizona and likes how our POTUS is turning the country back around, you just might like to check out Tilley’s campaign page at dilley2018.com. You can follow Dilley on YouTube HERE.

With that said, I am not campaigning for Tilley, just making you aware he is running. There are many great people running for the state of Arizona, you have to do your own research to find out which candidate best fits your needs.

He and others like him will help the Trump Administration take our country back from the oligarchs and others who truly do not have the people’s or country’s interests at heart.

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

Brenden Dilley AZ8 Candidate Forum 2/10/2018

What Happened In Hawaii

January 15, 2018

As we have all read or heard by now, there was an emergency sent to cell phones in Hawaii on Saturday, January 13, directing them to take shelter as there was a ballistic missile incoming towards Hawaii.

This emergency was followed up some 38 minutes later by a text calling it a false alarm.

Above photo screenshot comes from Stanford Magazine article.

The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige promised it would never happen again in a message he sent on Saturday, just hours after the false alarm was declared. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) reports:

“I know firsthand that what happened today is totally unacceptable, and many in our community were deeply affected by this,” Gov. David Ige said, at a news conference Saturday afternoon at the Hawaii Emergency Management agency. “I’m sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced. I, too, am very angry and disappointed that this happened.”

Hawaii Emergency Management put out a tweet regarding the missile launch, minutes later it was deleted. Here is the screenshot of the tweet. Now, why didn’t they call it a false missile launch? The screenshot comes from Linda Kirby.

Of course that didn’t stop the liberal/Democrats and MSM from blaming it on our POTUS. We knew that was coming!

The President has since remained silent, not tweeting about the fake missile crisis. It’s not like the President to remain silent unless he knows something that he can’t talk about.

For those of you who are following “QAnon” who posts on 8Chan, he/she posted on 1/7/2018 a message about DEFCON 1. For those that do not know what DEFCON is I will link at the bottom of this article where you can read what it is and what it does.

Some people that saw this message from “Q” where DEFCON 1 was mentioned mistook what Q’s meaning was, he clarified this intelligence with a reply message.

Most of us are not use to codes or military cryptologic linguist codes. Therefore translating some intelligence received is very difficult. So, I could see why some were freaking out.

How easy is it for the emergency system in Hawaii to send out such a false missile alert? In my opinion, there are most likely steps that are taken after a missile has been detected/or seen by satellites, military personnel that are watching gathering intelligence, there could never be a false alarm! Seriously, think about it. I am not buying the “wrong button pushed” reason for what happened in Hawaii.

There are protocols that are issued when there is a nuclear missile/non nuclear threat. You can check out these protocols HERE. Important to note once a missile is launched from ground or sea there is no recalling it back.

Recent intelligence sources are standing by their knowledge that there was a real threat. Keep in mind that the Deep State is worldwide.

When sending any information to the public regarding a nuclear threat going out over the Emergency Broadcast System or what is known today as the Emergency Alert System, the first protocol which is over any other transmission has to come directly from the President, especially if it relates to a missile warning.

What I am about to disclose will show you the protocols and cannot be mistaken as a test.

There are different announcements that can be sent, those have to be chosen.

There has to be an EAS DECODER and ENCODER to transmit anything over emergency broadcast. en.m.wikipedia states: Decoders at relay stations would sound an alarm, alerting station personnel to the incoming message. Then, each relay station would broadcast the alert tone and rebroadcast the emergency message from the primary station.

There is no way you can press a wrong button! This protocol is no different for States issuing an emergency transmission, the Governor or his designated representative would make the call, such as weather related, but not in a nuclear situation, that would only come from the President of the United States. I am sure whether emergency transmissions go out over the cable, text messages or whatever, it is all the same protocol. You can read more about the Emergency Alert System in this handbook, linked here. I know the handbook is dated 2007, I am sure it hasn’t changed drastically since the time of publication.

ready.gov states FEMA is responsible for national-level EAS tests and exercises. Something as serious as a nuclear threat cannot be confused with a test, as stated above.

This next information comes from fcc.gov:

Most testing of EAS broadcasting is done with “test codes,” rather than “live codes.” So, a code must be entered to activate the test.

When testing the EAS some states use “live codes” for National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts. I didn’t see anything in the FCC information to indicate that a “live code” is used for testing in anything to do with incoming missile launches.

A live code could accidentally transmit an emergency broadcast by accident. But, states must receive a rule waiver in order to show that they have taken the necessary steps to prevent public misinformation and panicked masses when using a live code.

On a national level EAS “live test,” which I am assuming would be some type of event where the President would need to get an urgent message out to the public nationally…the FCC believes that this type of code is needed. Below screenshot comes from fcc.gov:

So, in summery messages that are sent whether by text, cable, radio….must be authenticated first. I cannot believe that during the testing of the EAS where it was claimed someone mistakenly presses the wrong button, that this is a viable reason used for the message that went out in Hawaii.

Even if the message was was written by the Emergency Management in Hawaii , it still must be authenticated before it is sent out. These are the protocols that are suppose to be followed so mistakes don’t happen.

You can read more about CAP and IPAWS Architecture here in this link.


Benjamin Fulford reports  that an anomaly (nuclear stealth submarine) was detected off the coast of Hawaii. He has been briefed that the false alarm was a cover story for the real threat. Further explaining that the cabal already had a preemptive story ready to explain what happened if the mission failed. It was believed that the submarine was located and destroyed after the attempted attack.

Dave Janda talks with Greg Hunter explaining the false nuclear message sent out in Hawaii. Dr Janda from his sources was told that there are some huge problems in China right now with different factions pro Trump and others who are not, just like here. He was told that the US shot the missile down. The Submarine was a Chinese Navy sub (renegade faction). He further explains that most of the intel he receives comes to fruition in weeks or months after being told. Early truth indicator would be a January 18, 2018 a big financial event is to occur, buying oil with Chinese currency (petro yuan exchange), gold could buy oil. If the petro yuan contract is delayed, we will know for a fact there is this Chinese faction problem going on within the country.

With that said, many people on Twitter are saying Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Huma Abedine were in Hawaii at the time of the supposed false alarm. Ask yourselves, if the Deep State within our country had something to do with a missile launch, would they target their own? Maybe, but I would say most likely not. Maybe Hillary and Bill weren’t even in Hawaii since the only ones reporting that they were was supposed incidental run ins to the Clinton’s. Did the MSM report them there? NO Seems strange don’t you think? Anyway, my intuition is telling me they weren’t there.

I believe that since NBC News was in the bunker just hours before the so called false missile alert, they certainly would have carried a story about Hillary and Bill Clinton being in Hawaii. The MSM always reports on where the Clinton’s have been, especially after her election loss.

The last actual news footage of Hillary Clinton was during her final closing of her book tour in Seattle. If you check your MSM news, where is Barack Obama? Where are Bill and Hillary Clinton? Where is George Soros? Why have they dropped out of the limelight?


Another very good article to read would be an article written by Dr Michael Salla, in exopolitics.org, “The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii.” In trying to figure out exactly what happened in Hawaii it doesn’t hurt anyone to read and draw their own conclusions.

In Salla’s article he references a time in Hawaii’s history (1987) where an Hawaiian Senator states that there is a shadow government within the US that has its own military assets, “free from checks and balances, and free from laws itself.” Now that right there is scary! I recommend you read his article.

Another theory which is mine, there is incredible technology out there with 7D Holograms. These holograms are so life like in image, scale that it would be hard not to think it was not the real deal. Could this technology potentially be used to create nuclear panic? Well, just check out these videos on 7D Hologram Technology show in Dubai: VIDEO LINK HERE, YOU WILL BE AMAZED

Keep in mind that Hawaiian tourists claim to have seen something blow up in the sky.

It would seem highly unlikely to me that we would have a false alarm in Hawaii, followed by a false alarm in Japan.

Sources: http://m.hawaiinewsnow.com/hawaiinewsnow/db_330510/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=i85ismTQ

What is DEFCON? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

Our POTUS Needs A Psychiatric Check Up?

January 10, 2017

With the great progress our nation is making in as little as a year, we still have the haters of our President. Why would so many still be crying foul over these great accomplishments? It’s very simple, the leftist liberals could not make the final change to a totalitarian New World Order, similar to what occurred in Russia and China that many years ago.

Recently a psychiatrist who teaches at Yale who goes by the name of Bandy Lee has made her platform known by questioning our President’s mental health. This isn’t the first time in history where psychiatry was used as a political weapon. Psychiatry Today reports that a study by Jonathan Davidson which looked at our first 37 Presidents and at the conclusion of this study it was surmised that 24% of our earlier Presidents met the clinical diagnosis for depression or anxiety disorders, these included Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S Grant, Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson. Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt showed signs of bi-polar disorder, according to this study. Also, we must note that the aforementioned Presidents were among our greatest Presidents in history.

What is considered normal or abnormal in psychiatry? First we need to establish that the psychiatric field is not a science, therefore they are not considered a medical field.There are no rules that are essentially written in stone, the board makes up their clinical diagnoses, as they literally vote on what they believe to be normal or not. Sometimes these fabrications are literally bordering on the criminal.

Most people do not realize that many of the mind control experiments (MKUltra) were applied at upscale universities like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, John Hopkins and Stanford after World War 11. There was a mad dash for German physicians, scientists after the war. Who would get them first? Russia or the USA? This is where it gets interesting! If an unfriendly faction within the United States government could somehow mold the mind of a soon to be, fully groomed Manchurian Candidate for President, their dreams of a fully controlled government would come to fruition. This wasn’t just a made up movie, this was a reality being exercised on unsuspecting individuals by our own Central Intelligence Agency.

Knowing the devious side of psychiatry, it only fits the mold in questioning a Presidents mental health when it is so obvious that the psychiatrist in question is definitely using it for political purposes. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere to stop the use of psychiatry as a political weapon.

In the below video, G Edward Griffin describes in detail how the field of psychiatry can be used as a political weapon.

Mr. Griffin mentions MICA Reports which were to be used as a strategic report to basically round up people who don’t believe in globalization, open borders, One World Government, New World Order, anything that does not meet the governments criteria for their norm. People are labeled as anarchists, racists, terrorists…as he says, this is not freedom if you let them get away with this behavior.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, CCHR Co-Founder explains what the field of psychiatry has become in the last 60 years in this next video. He makes a very good argument.


By Senator Dianne Feinstein releasing the Fusion GPS interview papers to the public, she may have committed a crime. At first she said she was pressured to release the transcript, then she walked back her original statement.

You can add up all the problems that the Deep State is creating, not a day goes by where they just can’t let the President govern, he has to deal with this nonsense.

Senator Dianne Feinstein took it upon herself to release a transcript of an interview with Fusion GPS Co-Founder, Glenn Simpson. Never mind that the former MI16 spy, Christopher Steele was to be dragged into a criminal investigation because of “providing false statements” about his sharing of information from the Dossier with media outlets. There is a Top Secret memo that relates to Steele having communications with several media outlets.

It has recently been reported by dailycaller.com, Washington; Senator Feinstein released the Fusion GPS transcripts because the Fusion GPS lawyers asked her to. Remember, she never consulted with the Senate Judiciary Committee before releasing these transcripts.

Feinstein statement: “We were written to by the lawyers of the company asking that it be released, and the reason, of course, is because it has been used by rumor and innuendo and falsity so much that the time came for people to see exactly what was said,” Feinstein said.

Not only has the Fusion GPS document been debunked, it seems to me that it actually has no foundation on which to build a case. If there were witnesses to testify to this document, to late now, they already have rehearsed what to say. I believe this so called evidence should now, since it has been compromised, be thrown out in its entirety!

Chris Farrell who is Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch brings up an interesting thought in his VIDEO, where he refers to the supposed death that occurred as a result of this Fusion GPS document. When Simpson is questioned about checking sources for this document, Simpson refuses to answer this line of questioning. Why would he refuse? But, his attorney Mr. Levy interjects that someone has died? Without any evidence that anyone died! In other words…just accept what this honest piece of work (Fusion GPS) is telling us! Something is very wrong with this! As I have said before, there is no foundation for this document and it should not be accepted as any type of evidence.

INTERVIEW OF GLEN SIMPSON, Tuesday August 22, 2017, Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: President Trump had a complete medical exam, as reported by Reuters. The exam took three hours, and was performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. White House doctor Ronny Jackson said went “exceptionally well.” As far as his cognitive test score, New York Times reports what Dr. Ronny L Jackson says about President Trump’s cognitive health: “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes,”

Asylum, UK, Were They Carrying Their Fair Share?

December 23, 2017

The following information comes directly from The Guardian. Copied from a video in relation to the lodging, payments, education and medical care the asylum seeker receives from the UK.

First of all, they get a place to live in, a hostel or a B&B. They do not get to choose where they live, and it’s very unlikely to be in London. Accommodations are all provided by private firms such as SERCO and G4S. Sometimes it is in extremely poor condition with reports of rats, bedbugs and dirty conditions.

The asylum seeker will receive £36.95 per week in the UK. Pregnant mothers will receive £3.00 extra per week. In France an asylum seeker will receive £65.59 per week. That’s almost double the amount in France.

Asylum seekers in the UK are entitled to free basic healthcare on the NHS.

Children aged 5-17 receive free compulsory education.

Asylum seekers in the UK are not permitted to work or claim unemployment benefits.

The Home Office tries to decide on asylum claims in six months, but cases can take years to be resolved.

Some people who are rejected for asylum are put in detention centers.

38,517 people applied for asylum in the UK in 2016. That’s 3% of Europe’s total asylum claims.

In the UK, the highest number of claims were from citizens of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, despite the high profile coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2016. Only 1,588 Syrian Nationals applied for asylum in the UK.

According to Pew Research , the USA took in a total of 38,901 Muslim refugees in 2016. This figure is almost half of the total number of refugees that were taken in 2016, making a grand total of 85,000 asylum seekers.

Seems to me the USA has taken in enough to last us quite awhile.

Our POTUS Is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Our POTUS Is Kicking Butt and Taking Names

December 22, 2017

Our most brilliant and wonderful President not only loves his country, he loves the world too. Why do I say this? Well, he’s taking down enemies worldwide with his new executive order dated December 21, 2017. It’s called Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

This order says he will be freezing assets/taking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption around the world. This also means anyone associated with these persons or doing business with these persons, will also have their assets frozen and property taken. This is very serious folks, and he means it! This is a very compassionate President when it comes to human rights abuses.

The US Department of Treasury released a press announcement on December 21, 2017 which lists people that will be sanctioned. They will be working to put forth the property seizures, and freezing of bank accounts and the like. If we want to stop this corruption and abuse, what better way to take them down then by taking their money and property. One of these people to be sanctioned is Gulnara Karimova, seems from the picture below she is very good friends with Bill Clinton. Imagine my surprise, no just kidding, not surprised one bit. Follow the 💵💰

Many of you watched the movie “Blood Diamonds,” for those of you that did, you are already seeing where I am going with this. On the list is a man named Dan Gertler . He is an Israeli diamond tycoon as well as oil mining tycoon. His diamond mines were mainly in the Virgin Islands and Africa. He was involved in shady business dealings as well as treating the Africans who mined the diamonds horribly. Sometimes kidnapping these Africans to work in his mines as slaves.

These diamonds were mined in war torn areas of Africa (Sierra Leone), this is where they also get the name “conflict diamonds.” CNN reports that The United Nations defines conflict diamonds as “…diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.”

Folks, our President Trump is stepping up to stop this abuse, the very first President who actually cares to stop human atrocities. The UN knew about this, why did they not stop it. The UN General Assembly came to a resolution which was adopted on December 4, 2006, clearly showing that the blood/conflict diamonds existed and they knew the money was used for corrupted purposes. But, it took this long to actually hold people accountable. That’s disgraceful!

The accountability for these Blood Diamonds, I am sure will also effect jewelry stores that sold any jewelry that they knew were Blood Diamonds.

On the list there is also a doctor from Pakistan named Mukhtar Hamid Shah who was a surgeon specializing in kidney transplants. The Pakistani police believe he was involved in kidnapping, wrongful confinement, and the removal of and trafficking in human organs. I am so glad they finally are going to stick it to this man.

Also, it should be noted that our President campaigned to bring jobs back to our country. He has continuously been on the CEO’s cases about this and wasn’t about to let up on his promise to Americans. Well, we can now be advised that many CEO’s have resigned. Here’s the list so far:

Now, whether some of these CEO’s resigned due to corruption, I don’t know. Maybe some are! All I know, he’s draining the swamp, and we can rest assured he will be watching. Rule of law is very important to him and this country.


Featured Image: bamada.net



The “Blood Diamond” magnate who is at the center of Och-Ziff’s bribery scandal in Africa




What We Actually Got With Repeal Of Net Neutrality

December 14, 2017

Today a repeal to Net Neutrality, specifically Title II of the Net Neutrality protections were voted on by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to CNN, The repeal passed 3-2, along a party-line vote.

Many Americans were against the repealing of Net Neutrality on the basis that it would have negative effects thereby throttling, blocking content and they didn’t want paid prioritization. One among those who opposed the repeal was Congressman Mike Coffman who represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, he is now drafting a bill to stop the repeal, asking for this to be further debated in Congress.

The FCC never responded to the Congressman’s letter he sent as well as multiple calls from Congressmen for a delay. He doesn’t feel that the repeal should have been decided by unelected bureaucrats in Washington. I agree

There are several internet designers who actually designed and built the internet, they didn’t want the repeal either. Who better knows the internet than the guys that built it, right? I would trust their opinion over anyone else’s.

The pioneers of the internet all came together and sent the FCC a letter explaining to them that they basically did not understand how the internet worked.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is urging an appeal of the 2015 case regarding an Obama-era FCC decision which reclassified broadband Internet as a public utility so that it could impose its restrictive net neutrality rules (United States Telecom Association, et al. v. Federal Communications Commission and United States of America (No. 15-1063)). They have filed a Brief of Amici Curiae arguing Net Neutrality undermines the constitutional separation of powers by allowing the FCC to directly intervene in the broadband Internet economy.”

As reported by Gizmodo, early on in December the Commissioner of the FCC reported that her own agency was withholding evidence of fraud. Apparently there were literally thousands upon thousands of fake comments that were used to sway the vote. Comments from the public are suppose to be used under the Administrative Procedures Act whenever issuing a Notice of Proposed Rule Making.

Hopefully Congressmen Coffman’s bill as well as one filed by Senator Markey (D), Massachusetts will help to reverse this vote that was cast to repeal Net Neutrality.

If you care to help reverse the process and have Congress step in to save Net Neutrality you can go to action.aclu.org and sign the petition.

Attacks on POTUS Coming Full Throttle – Accusations on Sexual Misconduct

December 12, 2017

If the Dems and Liberals couldn’t remove the President through Russian Collusion then why not fall back on sexual harassment? That is their plan, but it won’t work.

During the campaign many women came forward with high regards for Donald Trump including employees that he had hired. One such person, Kellyanne Conway had nothing but good statements to say about him. Ask yourself why no one that ever worked for him ever came out with sexual allegations of any sort against Trump? Because there were none!

They tried the sexual harassment bunk when he was a candidate for President. All of the sexual allegations were debunked. I guess the war against Trump was in retaliation for bringing up Hillary Clinton’s husbands known escapades and the rape he committed against Juanita Broaddrick. Who wants a candidate running for President who didn’t stick up for the women who were hurt by Bill Clinton.

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton from Juanita Broaddrick

Tom Heneghan who gets reports directly from the American/European Intelligence Agencies has recently mentioned in a YouTube with Stew Webb that Newt Gingrich had the evidence at the time of Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. This evidence proved the rape of Juanita Broaddrick. None of the evidence was ever brought forth.

So, it’s actually a war against the roses because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 election. Every one of those sexual harassment accusers against Trump’s can be traced right back to Clinton or George Soros. The following picture is of Julie Kleszczewski and Hillary Clinton. Important to note; as reported by Gateway Pundit, Jessica Leeds worked on the Clinton Foundation Board along with Julie who was a Clinton volunteer.

During the Megan Kelly news conference on Monday, hosted by C-Span – Brave New Films, three women (Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Crooks) came onto the show to ask for a full congressional investigation in sexual misconduct by our President. What most people do not know is that Brave New Films has all liberal donors, including George Soros’s Open Society. What are they really up to?

There were many more liberal donors that I did not show you, but you can check them out and give credit to BPEarthWatch’s . He mentions in his video that the resignation of Al Franken was only to make it more acceptable to go after the President. In other words Al Franken was expendable for their fascist, New World Order, open border cause in America. That’s really what this is all about. I think of it this way, if you step down because of allegations, you must be guilty, or otherwise you would fight the accusations. Just like our President says it is nothing but fake news.

The liberal left want to make these accusations against our President credible like they tried to do in Roy Moore’s case. Forget any proof, that doesn’t seem to matter to them. They have an agenda and will stop at nothing to take down the current administration, placing their own candidate in the Oval Office to continue their New World Order politics.

Back in 2011 we were warned about Brave New Films Using Online Videos for Agitation and Propaganda, this was reported to us by Capital Research Center. “A group called Brave New Films is a media pioneer in the production of short online political videos. Unwaveringly left-wing, it’s not waiting to be hired by political candidates and their consultants. Instead, it promotes nonstop the political causes it believes in.”

Alex Jones, Infowars has an audio clip from the Glen Beck Program where former Fox host Bill O’Reilly announces he has an audio recording that catches a Democrat bribing a woman for $200,000 to lie about the President. of clip here

You can also read the Infowars transcript about the Bill O’Reilly tape here. It’s a very telling article of exactly what the liberal/Dems are up to….

If you remember during the election campaign of 2016, Wikileaks posted an email which detailed info that was to be placed on Craig’s List as a job announcement for Donald Trump, which seemingly sounds exactly what the one accuser happened to accuse him of:

I don’t know if the DNC actually went through with this scheme that they were planning. But, it could have been disastrous for the Trump campaign.

We will get through this, he will be found not guilty if there is a congressional evaluation. Why do I say this? When our President says something to us on Twitter, you can take it to the bank, he’s telling us the true news. I believe him

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False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

False Flag Christmas Day? INFO

November 30, 2017

I usually don’t report on events I cannot vet, but this for some reason has me worried and I think we might want to be aware that this information could be true. Don’t expect to hear it in the MSM, we know that will never happen. Just be aware of things around you, report anything you see that seems strange.

A certain gentleman reports that he has remote viewing capabilities. We know these types of people have on occasion been used by our US military. So, I cannot completely discount what this gentlemen is trying to relay to the public.

The operation he is talking about he refers to as “Operation Christmas.” What day it will take place, we assume Christmas Day.

He has contacted the military about what he saw during this remote viewing. I would assume that our military are checking this out.

His viewing starts out with a type of “Blue Beam” that people will assume North Korea is firing missiles at the USA heading to the west coast. FYI, Blue Beam is suppose to be types of holograms that are supposedly used by our own CIA, NASA. His specifics are Los Angeles (2 areas) and San Francisco (1area). In all actuality it won’t be North Korea firing any missiles at all….in his remote viewing he sees three black duffle bags hidden in the Los Angeles aquatics and in San Francisco fault lines. They will be set to go off with a nuclear blast. If this is true, this definitely would start a war if that is what the Deep State is/was planning.

He has alerted the military about this which seems like they are taking it seriously since he says there are many outside his home protecting him today. He was told by the military to get this out to the people. This kind of bothers me since I know under normal circumstances they wouldn’t want the public to know anything about this. They would just handle the situation, unless they are trying to flush out the people who are trying to carry this out. Maybe waiting for them to remove or relocate the bombs.

Anyway, since I know remote viewing is real, maybe this should be made public to stop it from happening. I still am wrestling with whether or not I should report on this, but something is telling me that I should.

You can listen, linked to the VIDEO HERE


I don’t know much about Max Steel, but I did find a VIDEO made in 2014 where he is being interviewed on Steven D Kelly’s Revolution radio. The following was in the description box of the video:

As with everything that is put on YouTube, or anywhere else on the web, you will have to draw your own conclusions. Many people do not believe in extraterrestrial beings and that is definitely understandable. This information is for your own discernment.

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

Proof Russia Wanted Hillary Clinton to Win, Election Was Rigged

November 27, 2017


All we heard after Donald Trump became President is Russia, Russia, Russia, they meddled in our election…some did meddle, but it’s not what you are thinking, read on…

Turns out some did help by meddling after all, along with help from the U.S. digital service which was unofficially linked to 18F, another digital initiative “helping” the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This system was allowed to be set up in our White House by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The election rigging was helped along the way through Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Google’s people. The U.S. Digital Service was run out of the White House by on-loan Google manager Mikey Dickerson.

Now we know since indictments were handed down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it had nothing to do with the Trump campaign or having been helped along by the Russians to ensure a win for Trump.

So, what happened that moment we were all glued to our televisions, holding our breaths for what seemed like hours….looking like Hillary was going to win…then everything stopped. No one could figure out what was the hold up. Well, our White Hats stepped in and stopped the rigged election for Hillary Clinton through a firewall shell.

During the primaries Project Veritas uncovered some very good footage of clear and blatant rigging. Bernie Sanders himself knew that their was some type of rigging going on, he complained about it.

What happened during election night? We had suspected that the election might be rigged months before based on what we were seeing in the primaries with Bernie Sanders. We figured out something wasn’t right, but it has never been made public until today. So much information has been gleaned from American Intelligence Media that it’s impossible to say it wasn’t rigged. Wow, are they ever going to need a bigger federal prison to hold all of these treasonous criminals. Maybe some of those sealed indictments have really big fish to fry!

Back in 2008 Alphabets Eric Schmidt wanted to be Obama’s Tech Chief , did that mean he would do anything to get Obama elected? Changing algorithms? Could be

Back in 2010 Hillary took the Eric Schmidt Plan which was brought to light later by Wikileaks emails. This plan was used in the 2008 election, but this time they would advance it, where he would take the DNC servers and the (NGP) VAN program and create an individualized program for every single voter, it didn’t matter if they were a Republican or Democrat. That’s messing with the algorithms!


aim4truth reports, Hillary’s internal email server revealed that Russians at Facebook and the State Department began working on a “template for winning elections” which was evidently being used to ensure Hillary’s victory.

Read a lot more here>

After you finish reading what the American Intelligence Media has to say you most likely will be flabbergasted, as I was. I never thought for a moment that Obama could stoop so low as to have Facebook be the man right smack dab in the middle of our elections! It’s not just this last election…..Bush should of never been President either, that was rigged and it doesn’t stop there, Obama’s election was rigged! What makes me sick is the knowing of all this and remembering Hillary was behind the recount, knowing full well she didn’t win honestly.

I did read intelligence reports sometime back about the White Hats stopping the rigging. This is the first time learning exactly how it was done.

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

Who are the “Wizards and Warlocks?”

November 26, 2017

Q Anonymous who seems to be on (8ch.net now) refers to the Wizards and Warlocks several times in his/hers postings on 4chan. That had me wondering exactly who they were?

We know that the CIA was founded after World War II. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the wartime predecessor to the CIA. We know that the Roman Catholic Church has always had an influence on the United States government policy.

When the end came to World War II, did it ever actually end? Well, the actual physical warring may have ended, but the takeover of other countries never did. So, the answer is NO, the Nazis’s lived on in other countries that they absconded to, with the help of the USA and its intelligence services.

Where does Charlie Sheen fit into all of this?

During a radio interview between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, Sheen claimed “Guys, it’s right there in the thing, duh! We work for the Pope, we murder people. We’re Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be? What they’re not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes.”

Most people thought that Charlie was crazy when he did that interview, nope he was telling it like it is….they are the WARLOCKS!

This brings us to what is Opus Dei? Is Charlie Sheen a member? He could be since we know his father Martin was a devout Roman Catholic.

Opus Dei’s members are secretive, they are not made up of priests, bishops and the like. They serve the Pope in anyway the Pope directs them. Their purpose is to take over the USA.

Robert Hanssen the spy who was caught spying for Russia was an Opus Dei member. Many infiltrators of Washington’s political power including the White House were members of Opus Dei, ongoing since the Reagan Administration.

Dr. Stephen Mumford says “The CIA serves as an agency through which secret “assistance” to the Holy Mother [Roman Catholic] Church can be provided by secret American society members acting as her defenders…”Just remember that the Pope wants a New World Order, one religion!

At one time we did have a Catholic President who made it clear in his speech that he would not serve the Catholic Church in any of his decision making processes. President Kennedy’s speech is here>

The Wizards are the scientific intelligence in the CIA!

I know this all sounds crazy, but just remember Orwell once said “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”

Many people say that they are so glad Hillary Clinton was not elected as President. She would have been nothing but an extension to Obama! The Obama Administration performed many nefarious activities behind the scenes, from gun running to the enemy, to paying a $400 million, so called ransom to Iran to get the political prisoners back, and many more activities to push the New World Order that the Vatican backs. But, the most telling event of bad actors was when a conference took place where Benjamin Netanyahu (a Free Mason) made a rather strange comment to Barack Obama, “Americans know that Israel and the United States share common values Iran’s leaders know that, too. For them you are the Great Satan and we are the Little Satan. For them we are you and you are us. And on this last point, Mr. President, I think that they are right. We are you. And you are us.” Very telling, don’t you think so? By the way most people thought he was joking. Remember the Illuminati (Free Masons) always telegraphs their next move. The Jesuit’s control the Illuminati.Since we have so many holdovers from the Obama Administration….President Trump has his job cut out for him….draining the swamp, cleaning up the CIA.

I will update as needed….

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